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About me

My name is Wolfgang Ferber, and with over 25 years of experience in food production, I have seen and experienced quite a lot.

I know that it is important to listen and to look closely, and to consider a process in its entirety. It doesn't matter whether it's just a small step in a process, the design of a completely new process, or whether a whole new production is to be set up. Objectively, with a lot of experience, and always eager to effectively balance effort and benefit, I am happy to support you in designing, adapting or optimising your processes

Over 25 years of experience in food processing

Concepts and solutions for R&D, craft workshops and industrial enterprises

Internationally operating

Realisation of development aid projects in Africa

Knowledgeable, reliable, friendly


I examine and analyse existing and new manufacturing processes including everything from single machines to complete factories. Together we will discuss production sequences, walkways, hygiene concepts, and all aspects that shape an optimal process. And of course, we will also look at the safety and, last but not least, at the investment budget. To this end, the creation of layouts on a scale of 1:1 is just as much a part of my service as support in choosing the right suppliers and communicating with them. And once everything has been designed, I will be happy to support you with the commissioning and training of your staff.
With a lot of experience and commitment we can turn an idea into reality!



FerberConcept GmbH

telephone: +49 6154 5778918

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